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Mission Statement

Our mission is to strengthen youths' leadership, power, and strong voices from marginalized and underserved communities, looking for the right help.

The Pretty Girl Project empowers youths to achieve emotional and economic self-sufficiency by ensuring they get the right motivation to achieve their dreams and successfully graduate from college.

Vision Statement

We envision a world where all girls and boys, regardless of race, ethnicity, or social status, are nurtured and sanctioned to reach their fullest potential using the available resource to shape the future.

Values Statement

All members of this non-profit organization are committed to these enduring values:

· Commitment: For us, commitment is everything! Our staff is committed to helping girls build on strengths, develop reliable and powerful voices, and engage in growth-fostering relationships.  Each organization team member commits to developing their “whole self” in a relational context.  As a talented and hard-working team, we are creative, zealous, caring, detail-oriented, and outshining in the cause we work for.

· Community and connection: The Pretty Girl Project believes that the “whole self” is perfectly nurtured through meaningful connections and strong community. We support our students in enhancing their authentic and meaningful relationships with themselves, with friends, and with their other circles of connection.

· Responsiveness: We take time with all students. Even when we can’t directly meet a specific need of a person, we try our best to connect with someone who can help. We have a reputation for “going extra and the super extra mile.”

· Inspiration: Our inspiration is you! We are indebted to those leaders who have come before us, did excellent work, and those who have worked untiringly for education. We carry a hearty appreciation of this history into our 21st-century work with our great community.

What Makes The Pretty Girl Project Different?

We are fully focused on providing the right resources and tools, which girls and boys can use to shape their better future. Our team is here with this unique idea and working day and night to execute it better. What really makes us different is our personalized and hand-made trunks for the first-year college students!